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Maker Faire Mars anyone?

April’s been a busy and exciting month for us…. between Yuri’s Night Toronto, the NASA Space Apps Challenge and FITC Toronto. We’ve included a few pics and links to the events below, with a review of FITC Toronto to follow.

Yuri’s Night

“…a global celebration of humanity’s past, present and future in Space.”

Attended by our own Jen Dodd and Jenn Turliuk.

A breakdown of activity for the evening can be found here.

Lego + Tequila + stand-up comedy + cocktails = a lot of fun

Yuri's Night

Jenn Turliuk and fellow Lego enthusiasts! See more pics of the evening here.

Jen and Andy

Jen Dodd of Toronto Mini Maker Faire and Andy Forest of Maker Kids.


“The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space. NASA is leading this global collaboration along with a number of additional government collaborators and 100+ local partner organizations.”

The Space Apps Challenge has been documented on Tumblr, with a blog post capturing Toronto projects over the weekend here.


There was also a Space Apps Youth Challenge where kids could explore a range of space-themed creative tech… designing alien life forms, 3D printing aliens, creating their own planet and virtually putting themselves in an astronaut suit!

We’ve included a photo from the event below (borrowed from this post), with a massive thanks to Maker Kids!

Space Apps Youth

Make a noise AND make a difference at the Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013 launch party!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 21.55.32

Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013 is launched!

Well, almost…

Obviously you can’t have a launch without a party. Now that we’re off the ground, we would be thrilled if you could come and celebrate our official launch:

Toronto Mini Make Faire Launch Party:
May 7, 7pm till late
Mozilla HQ (366 Adelaide Street West)
Get tickets: #MMFTO

We will have demos (oooh), chances to ‘meet the makers’ (ahh), a brief announcement on forthcoming fundraising activities (more ooh) and will be revealing a rather special contest (more ahh).

“I must have a ticket!” you yell excitedly.

No problem, behold our ticketetronomizer here!

By now you are delirious with excitement and demand to know more about how you can get involved, which is handy because is the answer:

  1. Attend the launch party. The free ticket gives you access to the Toronto party being held at the Mozilla Open Space on May 7, 2013. It will be wild and it will sell out, so make sure you grab your ticket this instant! And we will high five you anytime we see.
  2. Support the Toronto Mini Maker Faire by purchasing a startup ticket package. This package of 10 tickets is an early single day ticket pass to the Toronto Mini Maker Faire itself in September. This is the perfect package to buy if you are a start up, want to treat a number of friends and colleagues. Price for this startup package is $163.20. As an early supporter you will also be featured on the Toronto Mini Maker Faire website and you will have our undying gratitude.We THANK YOU.
  3. Get a VIP Maker Faire Pass. These VIP tickets are limited and priced at $61.20 (including all taxes). This will be your advance weekend Faire pass with access to all parties, early access to workshop registration, no line up and free VIP access to the Launch Party in May. More VIP goodness coming your way when we have full details. But, don’t wait up as these are coveted limited tickets.And once they are gone, they are GONE. And there will be no strings to pull to get one of these tickets. You snooze, you loose. So, go now.
  4. Becoming a mini supporter by buying a special single day advance ticket to the Toronto Mini Maker Faire. This is an advance ticket to the Faire itself. By being an early supporter you are helping us defray Faire expenses and making sure the Faire is the best it can be. Be a hero and get a ticket right now! Tickets are $30.60 all taxes included.

We look forward to seeing you there!

10 fantastic tech/maker events we’ll be going to this month

We hope to see you at some of these. We’ll be spreading the word about Maker Faire Toronto, and our just-announced launch party—would love if you could help us do the same!

1. Augmented Reality Pub Night (April 9)
2. Lean coffee TO happening at the BNotions offices (April 9)
3. Rails Pub Night (April 15), good group of people lead by the Unspace team
4. Introduction to 3D printing (April 17)
5. HackerNest Tech Social (April 29)
6. FITC (April 21–23)
7. NASA Space Apps Challenge (April 19–21) + Yuri’s Night (April 12)
8. PechaKucha (April 15)
9. TIFF Kids DigiPlaySpace (until April 21)
10. Site 3 Open House (April 11)

Global Internet of Things Day meetup

The second Internet of Things Day is on April 9, but here in Toronto we’re celebrating it one day early with a meetup at Hotel Ocho (195 Spadina Ave) @7pm. We’ll be there talking about Maker Faire, and we’d love to meet you if we haven’t already!