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Would you like a BrushBot with that?!

Purchase your ticket by this Sunday, September 2nd with promo code BRUSHBOT, and we’ll have the parts to build a free BrushBot for yourself, for free, when you get to the faire.

Battle well, friends. BATTLE WELL.

The Makers have landed! All Hail the Makers.

 The 2013 Makers Have Landed

Maker enthusiasts rejoice – only a month until the Faire!

The September 21-22, Wychwood Barns is going to buzz with flashing lights, sparks, 3D printed creations of many varieties, robots and old school tech meets new age hacks. We’re stoked to announce a WHOLE BUNCH of 2013 makers. Get excited folks, the Faire is only a month away! Got your ticket yet?

2013 Makers: 3D Printing, Magic Cubes, Arduino powered skis, MakerKids

This year’s maker list includes:

  • Arduino-Powered Foosball Scoreboard BY JEFF MURCHISON
  • Motes – Tiny Wireless Helpers For Your Life BY WIMOTO
  • 3D Chocolate Printer BY 3D CHOCOLATEERING
  • Roarocket – Build your own skateboard BY ROAROCKIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY
  • 2012 Get Your Bot On! Hackathon Robots BY GET YOUR BOT ON! ROBOTICS HACKATHON
  • Traditional Leather Work BY PJS LEATHER
  • Fun with Beaglebone Cape BY EXADLER TECHNOLOGIES INC.
  • Commodore Computers BY TORONTO PET USERS GROUP
  • 3D Printed Jewelry BY HOT POP FACTORY
  • Matterform 3D Scanner BY MATTERFORM
  • Toy Hacking Booth BY MAKERKIDS
  • Physical Manifestations of your imagination BY UNORTHODOX DESIGN
  • The Internet of Skis BY NORMATIVE INC.
  • …and many others! 

View a complete list of makers.

Eventbrite - Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

Help us spread the word!

Help us by getting the word out about our event by sharing information with your networks. We have set-up sample tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus posts, descriptions and more on this promotional goodies page.

And hey, join us at Faire will you?

Eventbrite - Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

Meet one of our awesome Maker Faire sponsors: The Office of Research and Innovation at George Brown College

As we organize the Toronto Maker Faire, we have come to rely on our sponsors and community to help us make the Faire the most awesome event it can be. It may not come as a surprise to you to hear that our sponsors are makers, innovators and organizations dedicated to making things happen. Let us introduce you to one of them: the Office of Research and Innovation at George Brown College.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we had a chance to meet with Robert Luke, the Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation College at George Brown we knew we were in front of someone who is at the forefront of research and innovation advocacy and education. And to our delight he gets the importance of ties between making, higher education, Robert Lukeprototyping and innovation! He will totally feel at home at the Faire and so will all the George Brown students.

Over the years, George Brown College has engaged industry, faculty, students, and the community-at-large in applied research and training in areas of Health & Health Promotion, Green Technology & Sustainability, Food Product & Recipe Development, and Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

George Brown College Research and Innovation collaborates with industry and community partners on a wide range of projects. Here are some of the projects that caught our eye:

Medicine Dispenser: George Brown College students got to build an easy-to-use unit that can be programmed by a pharmacist to dispense medications based on each individual’s needs, with recordable voice reminders.

Heart Monitoring Vest: Ocorant Inc. and Ross + Doell Industrial Design & Brand Development have partnered with George Brown College to further the development of a heart monitoring device that improves upon current FDA-approved heart monitors by using algorithms that can compress electrocardiogram signals.

Heat Monitor Prototype

iSmartMeter: iPhone Bluetooth Smart Home Controller Application. Students and faculty got to make an iPhone app that controls electrical components of a household and saves lots of energy and money. And these are just a few of the prototype that students and industry have completed at George Brown. Curious to hear more? Well, we got you covered!

We are very excited to have George Brown on board and we are looking forward to meeting some George Brown makers at the Faire in September.

Meanwhile, why not show some love to George Brown College and take a look at their blog, follow @GBCResearch and watch GBC in action on YouTube.


Eventbrite - Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

Join The Official Toronto Mini Maker Faire T-Shirt Design Contest

*Contest Extended One More Day to
Midnight, Tuesday August 27*

Toronto Mini Maker Faire T-Shirt Contest
Me to We Style Logo

Maker Faire is an award winning, family friendly event celebrating technology, education, science, arts, crafts, engineering, food, sustainability, and more, in cities around the world. We’re expecting 5,000 people to attend Toronto’s Mini Maker Faire on the weekend of September 21 to 22 at Wychwood Barns.

We’re reaching out to design schools and students, and anyone who wants a chance to see their design become the official t-shirt sold at Toronto Mini Maker Faire.

We’ve partnered to produce our t-shirts with Free the Children’s sustainable clothing line, Me to We Style, who produce organic, recycled, sweatshop-free clothing made right here in Toronto, with 50% of their proceeds supporting the Free the Children.

Submissions will be accepted until midnight on Monday, August 26.

The Grand Prize:

  • An Xbox party for you and your 14 friends at Microsoft Retail Store Yorkdale Shopping Centre
  • Your design will be printed on the official Toronto Toronto Mini Maker Faire T-Shirt worn by staff, booth crew, volunteers, and sold to the public
  • 1 Toronto Mini Maker Faire T-Shirt
  • 2 VIP Weekend Passes with access to all parties without lining up and VIP lounge access
  • Recognition as the contest winner at the event
  • Your name, photo and design featured on Me to We Style and Toronto Mini Maker Faire’s websites, social media and press releases.

The other four finalists will receive 2 tickets to attend Toronto Mini Maker Faire.

The Toronto Mini Maker Faire Committee will select five finalists, and on Tuesday, August 27, we’re opening up the voting to the public to choose the winning design until midnight, on Friday, August 30. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 4.

Help us spread the word and post our contest flyer on your community board.
Hashtags: #mmfTO and for the t-shirt design contest:#mmfTOTee

Good luck!

Learn more and submit your entry >>

Me to We Style LogoMSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray_DXbox Logo

We need your support!

Balloon Robot Battle Arena, Built.

Quadcopters, Charged.



You helped make our launch party out of this world, and now we’re calling on you again to help make the Faire even better!

We need all kinds of support – paid, in-kind, getting the word out, and of course, your attendance. You know we can’t do this without you and we are working really hard to make sure you have the a great time at the Faire this September. And you will, we promise.

Paid Sponsors

We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available starting at only $250. If you have a shilling to spare, email Leila, our sponsors lead!

In-Kind Sponsors

There are lots of things that go into organizing a Faire and we would love your assistance in procuring some of them. If you or someone you know can help us out with any of the following, please get in touch. We would be forever grateful:

  • Food and beverages
  • Printing – signs and more
  • Tech support and AV equipment
  • Internet for our makers
  • Laptops for workshops

Spread the word!

Have you told everyone about the amazing Maker Faire that’s happening in Toronto? Oh dear! What are you waiting for?

Help us by getting the word out about our event by sharing information with your networks. We have set-up sample tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus posts, descriptions and more on this promotional goodies page.

And, hey, join us at Faire will you?

Eventbrite - Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

Let’s make this happen. TOGETHER.

MakerKids’ Super Fantastical Maker Picnic is this Sunday!

One of the maker groups that is going to be at Maker Faire Toronto is having a Super Fantastical Maker Picnic this Sunday, August 11th and we thought we’d spread the word since it sounds like something people interested in Maker Faire Toronto might like! MakerKids is one of six youth makerspaces in the world and is located right here in Toronto. At Maker Faire, MakerKids is going to have a toy hacking booth and a robot battle arena (see more details below). This picnic will be a preview of the kinds of activities that MakerKids runs.

Join us in celebrating with:

  • Make your own wood-fire cooked pizza (pay on site)
  • Air rocket building station
  • Mega croquet
  • Parachute and other games
  • Sand mud construction pit
  • Kids project showcase (Kids – bring any of your projects and show them off!)

The picnic is Sunday, August 11 from 2-5 pm in Dufferin Grove park. Everyone is welcome! You can register in advance at or just show up. MakerKids is also accepting toy donations at the picnic for its toy hacking booth that will be at Maker Faire.

After Picnic Soiree 

From 4:30-6:30 there is a bike-powered PWYC concert in the park, featuring: Abigail Lapell, Dana Sipos, Jessica Moore and special guest Ben Hermann. For more awesoness about this, check:


MakerKids at Maker Faire Toronto:

Here is a preview of what MakerKids will be doing at Maker Faire Toronto.

MakerKids Toy Hacking Booth:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.36.04 PM

At our Toy Hacking makerstation, take apart old toys and reassemble them into new creations! Use screwdrivers, hacksaws, drills and scissors to take them apart, and use hot glue, duct tape, screws and needle and thread to put them together again. Humpty Dumpty never had it so good!

We’ll have a collection of toys, craft foam, fabric, and assorted body parts and craft materials to augment your designs. Bring your own toys to upcycle, too. Our 3D printer will also be churning out various eyes and teeth for your creation to express itself.

If you are interested in electronics, soldering irons and LEDs will be on hand for further customization. Voice-box transplants are hilarious! Or give that stuffed rabbit a whole new personality with glowing red eyes.

This activity is inexpensive, and is easily done with any group of kids (we also did it at the Chicago Make2Learn Symposium). It incorporates upcycling, DIY and creativity. Come try it out, and get some tips on how to do it with your own group!

MakerKids Robot Battle Arena:

Get your robot on! MakerKids is bringing robots to Maker Faire Toronto and wants you to bring robots too! You’ll get to make them battle each other in our robot battle arena! Before going to battle, decorate your robot with materials and balloons. Then, the robots will enter the arena for battle and you can control them via remote to try to pop the balloons on the other robots. The last robot standing that still has a balloon is the winner! We will also have a robo boogie, of course…

About MakerKids: MakerKids is a non-profit organization enabling kids to build their ideas with real tools and materials. At our makerspace in Toronto, Canada, we teach after school programs, weekend workshops and summer camps in electronics, woodworking, programming, sewing, 3D printing and lots more.

Meet the Maker: 3D printing with … chocolate!

We’re really excited to have the world’s first Chocolate Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer at the Toronto Mini Maker Faire in September!

UW - 3D chocolate

Brian Luptak, Benjamin Cousins, Andy Vopni and Nima Majidifar, students of the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, had 8 months to design and build a unique prototype to show off their engineering skills and decided to build a 3D printer.

Watch the guys talk about their printer in this BNN interview:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 7.05.24 PM

Their Selective Laser Sintering  printer can use common thermo-plastic powders to print 3D objects but it can also use chocolate! The printer lays down layers of powder that is then heated using a laser (that’s the sintering part) to melt the chocolate into a 3D object. Learn more about the printer.

The 3D chocolate chain in the image below is an example of what this machine can create that isn’t possible with other methods such as injection moulding, which, like it sounds, produces parts by injecting material into moulds.

Chocolate chain and other objects made with the 3D Chocolate printer.

Chocolate chain and other objects made with the 3D Chocolate printer.

Maybe we’re closer to Star Trek’s food replicator than we think!

Come see the 3D Chocolate printer at the Toronto Mini Maker Faire on September 21st and 22nd.Maker Faire Toronto tickets