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Pay It Forward! Be a Maker Faire Supporter

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We’re working with our community partners from Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods to help bring 200 children, students, and their families to Toronto Mini Maker Faire on Sunday, September 22, and we need your support!

In Canada, the latest figures show that women make up less than 10 per cent of university students enrolled in science and engineering and only 22 per cent of the science and engineering workforce. And in the U.S. only 7 per cent of blacks and latinos make up the science, engineering, technology and mathematics workforce. The Conference Board of Canada’s 2013 Innovation Report sees Canada slipping to 13th in innovation among 16 peer countries, underlining the need to strengthen our creativity, invention and entrepreneurship skills.

Pay it forward and help donate the cost of a ticket for as little as $4 and up to a school bus rental for $345. Help more people experience Maker Faire.

Learn more about why we’re committed to diversity and sending girls and women to the Maker Faire.

Click the donate button and scroll down to the orange Donate tickets.

Part science fair, part festival, and part something entirely new, Toronto Mini Maker Faire is a registered non-profit, all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, engineers, tinkerers, hobbyists, science clubs, hackers, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and to share what they have learned while creating it. Toronto joins over 60 cities around the world that host a Mini Maker Faire of their own.

Help us spread the word by adding a button to your site! Use the #mmfTO hashtag for tweets.

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Introducing Shopify: instant awesome!

We are totally excited to announce that Shopify has joined the Toronto Mini Maker Faire as a sponsor!

Shopify does not need an introduction, but I will happily tell you that I have been involved with the Shopify team one way or the other for years now and they have been super at supporting our tech community both in Toronto and Ottawa. The first time I meet the Shopify development team was when I organized a sold out hackathon in their Ottawa offices: HackOTT. They were gracious enough to provide their entire office for the weekend hacking. And boy, did we have fun spending an entire weekend building applications for fun and glory!

HackOtt[Paper airplanes anyone?]

HackOttawa[Can you spot the Shopify CEO?]

Today Shopify powers 60,000 online stores and equips online e-commerce businesses with everything they need to create simple, beautiful and performing e-commerce sites.

But what you may not have known about Shopify is that they are hackers and makers. Take for example their Unicorn project: it is an internal peer-to-peer bonus system that helps Shopify improve employee engagement, collaboration and even compensation, letting employees enjoy the perfect blend of work and play. But more then unicorns, every three months, Shopify takes a break from their regular work and for two full days everyone in the company has free reign to work on whatever project they want – as long as it adds value to Shopify. There’s no limit to the creativity or scope of the projects, there’s only one rule: employees must ‘ship’ their projects no later than 4pm at the end of the second day. Hackers and makers! And they will fit right in at Maker Faire.

A huge thank you Shopify for supporting Toronto Mini Maker Faire! Without sponsors and community support making it all happen would be downright impossible. So please join us and send some love to Shopify. Follow @Shopify or, even better, go work with them. They’re hiring!


Eventbrite - Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

Waterloo Mini Maker Faire Is This Saturday!

Two of us from the Maker Faire Toronto team will be heading to Waterloo Mini Maker Faire this weekend, and we are super excited! And it looks like this is the first time that a Maker Faire is happening in Waterloo. We were lucky enough to have a few of the organizers of it at our Launch Party as well – we’re all sharing the Maker Faire love here in Ontario, and on a broader scale, Canada (one of our organizers met the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire team at Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo, California). Based on this tweet, it looks like the Ottawa Mini Maker Faire team will be making a road trip to be there this weekend as well. Confused yet? In any case, the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire this Saturday looks awesome, and you should go – we’ll see you there!

The details: Waterloo Mini Maker Faire is this Saturday, June 15th from 10AM-10PM at Kitchener City Hall. It is a FREE event!

Here are some examples of the Makers you will be able to see there:

RobotGrrl’s Robot Creatures. “RoboBrrd, is a small robotic bird designed as a DIY kit. It can interact with humans using its sensors, expressing its delight by flapping its wings and opening its beak.”

Agnes Makes: “These textiles plants are made from laser cut fabric, with floral wire inside each leaf to give the plant life.”
“Agnes took home three Editor’s Choice Ribbon’s for her plants at the Detroit Maker Faire in 2012”

Hacklab.TO Propaganda Booth: From our very own city, “HackLab.TO is a technology community space in Toronto with a diverse membership, including artists, computer programmers, web designers, and hardware hackers. It is inspired by the philosophies of the global hackerspaces movement which encourages people to socialize, share knowledge, and work together on their projects. A variety of member projects will be on display.” Disclosure: One of the organizers of Maker Faire Toronto is the President of Hacklab TO!

Kids Can Hack! (Kitchener Public Library): “Come play with some squishy circuits and learn about KPL’s summer programs. Don’t have a library card? We can sign you up for one at our maker booth!”

MYO (from Thalmic Labs): I have read a lot about this online but am super excited to see it in person! “MYO is a gesture-based control device that connects the real and the digital world. It works out of the box with things you already have, like your Mac or Windows PC, and allows you to take control using the movement of the muscles in your forearm.” Check out their awesome video:

Bluetooth Polygraph: “Surreality Labs presents the Bluetooth Polygraph – a new project using biofeedback sensors, open-source hardware and an Android application to duplicate the equipment from your favourite cop shows and spy movies at a far lower cost. Can it actually tell if you’re lying? Probably not. Is it fun? Of course!”

Clearpath Robotics: “Clearpath Robotics Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of unmanned vehicle systems, software, and components for academic and industrial research and development. Our clients range from small local businesses to some of the best known technical institutions on the planet. Based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Clearpath Robotics employs highly talented people who live and breathe robotics. We believe that work must have a high “cool” factor, and we’re looking for people who share in our passion to create remarkable products and change the world.” You may notice that one of Clearpath Robotics’ products was featured in the MYO video – go Waterloo, go!

Thank you. You are awesome!

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party(c) warmnfuzzy

You were awesome. Our sponsors were awesome. Our launch party was awesome. We all had an amazing time and are totally humbled by your support. We generated a lot of love and magic that night! And we want to continue generating magic in September. We are excited to have you by our side supporting the Toronto Maker Faire.

We will very soon be able to announce a location for the Maker Faire, so stay tuned to our blog or subscribe to our newsletter to get our updates.

You all know that there is very little that we could have done if it weren’t for your support, so THANK YOU!

Now: let’s relive some of our launch party magic! We are uploading the photographs and videos to our Flickr account and you can start seeing them here.

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

Toronto Maker Faire Launch Party

We thank Adam and his team from Chow Productions for generously supporting us and photographing the launch party. Until next week makers and hackers!

Meet one of our awesome Maker Faire sponsors: Rob Hyndman

As we organize the Toronto Mini Maker Faire, we will come to rely on a number of sponsors, volunteers, advisors and folks from all around Toronto to help us make the faire the most awesome event it can be. One of these awesome people is Rob Hyndman. We thought that since we enjoy the company of such incredible people, that you too, may like to meet them, hear about their adventures and even meet them in person at the faire or any of our parties.

Rob Hyndman is a business lawyer for technology companies, and co-founder of mesh conference and #hohoto. We asked Rob a few questions and he graciously answered so please read on and high five him when you see him this evening!

Rob Hyndman - photo by Photojunkie

Rob Hyndman – photo by Photojunkie (

1. You hacked your career – any advice to people who want to live life on their own terms?
Accept no compromises and spare no effort when it comes to taking control of your own life. empowering yourself is the best thing you can do with yourself because it unleashes you to help others and make a difference.

2. Which living person do you most admire?
Jon Stewart

3. Why did you support the Maker Faire?
Blessed are the makers, for they shall change the earth

4. What inspires you?

5. What have you seen and learned lately that completely blew your mind?
The internet has taught us that almost everything we have ever learned from ‘experts’ is wrong. Trust in yourself.

6. What do you love most about living in Toronto?
My hood. the Junction is the shit.

7. What is your idea of happiness?
Being in control of my own destiny, seeing those I love do the same.

8. What do you most value in your friends?

9. What is your greatest extravagance?

10. When and where were you happiest?
Right now, writing this.

11. If you died and came back as a person or thing, what would it be?
A seagull. I would love to fly.

12. Who are your heroes in real life?
My dad – he is the most decent person I know.  Jon Stewart.  Hilary Clinton. Aaron Sorkin.

13. Who are your favorite musicians?
Carlos Santana.

14. What is your favorite food and drink?
Pork fat. BBQ. Bourbon.

15. What social movement do you most admire?

16. What supernatural powers would you most like to possess?
The power to neutralize calories in what I eat.

17. What is it that you most dislike?

18. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
My marriage.