Past Makers

MMF 2011 Participants

Aesthetec Studio

    Aesthetec studio will bring four amazing prototype exhibits they’ve been working on for the Calgary Science Centre: Light Rope Walker, Magnetic Generator, Solar Panel Music, and Paint with Music.

Active Surplus

    Enduringly popular Active Surplus will be at the Faire. They are a family-operated business that has been providing people with interesting products at fair, affordable prices for nearly fifty years. Their stock of strange electronic parts and unusual ‘surplus items’ have drawn artists, filmmakers, hobbyists, kids, and adventurers alike.

Akira Inman & Evan Oxland

    Dry stone wallers Akira and Evan will be showing us their techniques by building a column onsite!

Angelyque’s Trinkets

    Jewellery and accessory designer Josianne Blanchette will be showing off a great range of gothic, pagan, rockabilly and steampunk-inspired trinkets.

Antimatter Quasi Science Apparel

    Designing apparel is Danielle Di Vincenzo’s way of introducing my friends, family and customers to the weird and wonderful world of astronomy, physics, chemistry and all that other yummy, geeky stuff.

Aphrodite Cooks

    Vanessa Yeung and Joanne Lusted will be with us on Saturday, and will be found serving up all kinds of delicious food!



    member Carl Peny will be there to show off some of his more amazing, elaborate creations and to explain how they work.

Arthur Gron

    Arthur will be helping anyone who’s interested build their putt-putt boats! All it takes is old pop cans and some epoxy. Click on his name, above, to go to a video of his work in action.

Ashley Lewis

    Interactive performance artist Ashley Lewis will be brining “The Obama Board”, an audio configuration of a traditional musical keyboard that provides an interactive creative experience for the user. Instead of a musical note, each key emits the sound of a word from the inauguration speech that Barack Obama made on November 4th, 2009.

Atomic Mobile

    Atomic Mobile will be on hand… almost literally. They’ve set it up so you can interact with/give us input about the event, all from the comfort of your own cell phone. When you send a text to the number listed on your entry wristband you’ll get started with your interactive Maker Faire experience, and will be entered to win an awesome prize!


    Since 1982, Autodesk has been developing state-of-the-art 2D and 3D technologies that let customers visualize, simulate, and analyze the real-world performance of their ideas early in the design process. Come and check out their work, and ask them all kinds of questions!


    Hannah from brewersCRAP will be on hand with all kinds of upcycled merchandise. The “CRAP” in the stands for Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project, as she takes materials that would normally be chucked out by local brewers and makes them into items that can be used – “rounds of beer” carriers, beer soap, wine bottle carriers, etc.

Buffalo Lab

    Buffalo lab is a collaborative makerspace whose members will be showing off their many projects.

Calvin Winter

    Calvin will be there with his project, Prevailing Winds, which is a modern response to wind chimes, one of the earliest and most simplistic forms of generative music. It is a kinetic device that creates emergent, non-deterministic generative music based upon wind activity in various parts of the world. The piece aims to dismantle the concept of physical distance and collapses traditional geography, creating a surreal experience where a breeze on a distant part of the planet has a definitive and immediate effect on the place where it is located.

Caplansky’s Delicatessen

    Local staple Caplansky’s will be on site serving their trademark Awesome Sandwiches.

CFC Media Lab

      Wondering how you can make your text messages last longer? Turn them into Origami with CFC’s




    Specializing in steampunk jewellery and cyberpunk creations, designer Colleen Manestar (ClockworkZero) takes apart everyday items and transforms them into amazing objects of adornment.

Cookie Friday Co.

    Cookie Friday Co. is a small-batch cookie company based in Toronto. They strive to make each cookie the perfect combination of dense, chewy and crispy – perfect to dunk into a cold glass of milk or a mug of hot coffee. Whenever possible, they source all ingredients from our local community.

Cozied Up – Meena Chadha

    All of Cozied Up products are handmade (from start to finish), and uses a variety of fabrics, accessories, and embellishments. They are handmade “feel good” products that provide gentle warmth and comfort to nourish the body, soul, and home.

</>Creatron Inc.

      Creatron will be there with


    , an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.

Critical Making Lab, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

    Student projects coming out of the Critical Making Lab are hands-on and interactive, very diverse and explore a wide variety of topics and issues. In addition to providing all kinds of information about the projects, on display at Mini Maker Faire will be:

  • The Extremely Personal Shopper: the Amazon recommendation engine meets the wearable computing world;
  • Soundstreaming: a system of wearable devices that allows people to send their “identity songs” to everyone near them, and to receive and play other people’s songs as well, as a sort of lifestreaming.
  • The Instrument Formerly Known as Theramin: a musical instrument made of simple sensors and the Arduino platform
  • Personal Bubble: a project based on the question “how can we design a wearable sensemaking device which shows how different nationalities perceive interpersonal space, ‘the comfort zone’, and indicates when that space has been transgressed”


      There will be all kinds of DDiMIT (Designing Digital Media for the Internet of Things) projects to check out – they won’t be complete, so you can see them in the development stage! One hands-on, interactive project will be presented, and they will showcase some intricate 3D prints created for academic purposes.

Projects include:

  • Yurt of Things: testbed for exploring rural connectivity and sensing. Creating a deeper understanding of the necessary service models for the Internet of Things
  • Desktop Digital Fabrication / 3D printing: One of the lab’s focus is the investigation of the social, economical, political and medical repercussions of 3D printing.
  • MAPPA project: mapping the global DIY culture (in collaboration with Kitchen Budapest)

Derek Quenneville

    Derek will be at the site preaching the love of the MakerBot! Don’t know what it is? Come see and find out.

Designer Beads – Laurie Wright

    Laurie will be showing visitors how beads are made!

Dish Cooking Studio

    The ladies of Dish will be there with a whack of baked goods and preserves!

The DP Collection

    Leather day planners created by this mother-daughter team will be available for purchase. They are available in six brilliant colours, and can be purchased separately or with a calendar insert.

East York Cybernetics, FIRST Team 907

    East York Cybernetics will be bringing their student/Mentor built robot, designed and built to compete in the 2011 FIRST FRC class robotics competition.

Efston Science

    Iconic local store Efston Science will be on hand selling some awesome kits, running ongoing workshops where people can learn how to solder, and promoting active learning! They’re great to work with and have some amazing things to show off.

Fisher Innovation – Matt Fisher

      Matt will be bringing the

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

    he built, as well as a laptop to show integration with the autopilot. He will also demo how he can use a desktop flight simulator to run tests on the autopilot without having to risk a real world crash.


    The goal of foulab is to provide its members an environment and resources that allow them to exchange knowledge, ideas and explore new technologies. They will be at the event showing off various of their projects.


    Full-service interactive design and development agency Globacore will be on-site, showing off some amazing, Futuristic, interactive technology using lumen projectors.


    GoodRobot is a Toronto based company that specializing in interactive objects, custom robotics, and home automation. Their booth will include robotic/automated furniture as well as some playful gadgets and sensors.


    Awesome sugar free (but still super tasty) granola.


    HackLab.TO will be showing off their projects, including laser cut and 3D printed objects, Makerbots and repraps, robots, wearables, and other miscellany.

Hackasaurus Jam

    Hackasaurus Jam is a gathering of educators and technologists out to show kids how to interact with the web in a new way—namely by developing skills that might change the way they view information and giving them a new creative tool for expression.

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre

    InterAccess are on board to do all kinds of demos of the kinds of projects they play with in their workshop series (e.g., toy hacking, DIY synths, physical computing examples, etc.) The projects of some of their members will also be on display, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve made!

Jovanna Recine

      Jovanna will be hosting a mini workshop –

bring jeans, short jeans, cotton and/or polycotton clothing and upcycle them yourself with easy and trendy iron-on vintage and creative appliques

      . Have fun and save 100s of dollars!

Workshops will start every hour on the hour on Saturday and Sunday, between noon and 4pm. You need to sign up beforehand, and you’ll get two average-sized appliques and a free mini workshop! Come in, iron-on, and leave with a new look!

Kaotic Ekko’s Curiosities

    Super talented Melissa from Kaotic Ekko’s Curiosities will be with us at the Brick Works showing off plush brooches, alternative greeting cards, small paintings, voodoo dolls, and maybe some surprises!

Kargofab Light Industries – Marc Nicholas

    Marc will be showing a prototype of his Wifi-enabled garden sensor that transmits soil moisture, temperature, and sunlight back to a website.

Kimberley’s Own

    Kimberley with be with us providing wholesome, nutritious, and great-tasting foods that include a line of granolas that are wheat/gluten free.

Kinsman Physics Productions

    Kinsman Physics Productions will be showing off snowflake photography cameras. They will also have snowflake images available for purchase, as well as images of plants from an x-ray machine and from scanning electron microscopy.

KOZO Studio

    Akemi Nishidera from KOZO will be there showing traditional letterpress printing on a Craftsman platen press and a Showcard Mini flatbed press using movable type, vintage cuts (images), lino cuts and rubber based ink. Participants will get to print a sample for themselves to take home.

Kwartzlab Makerspace

    Kitchener/Waterloo’s non-profit makerspace Kwartzlab will be at the Mini Maker Faire showing off projects created at their hackerspace by members (e.g., portable electronics, video game demo, etc.), and will have all kinds of literature (and swag!) about Kwartzlab and the many local events/groups with which they are involved.

LadeeBee Supplies

      Melissa from LadeeBee Supplies will bring her spinning wheel and demonstrate hand spinning yarn. Interested in learning more? She also encourages crafting as a therapeutic tool and invite knitters and crafters to guest blog a post at

Lavery Design Studios

    When Mairead Lavery couldn’t find unique packaging for her jewellery she started to play with paper crafts until she took a wrong turn while making a hexaflexagon and came up with something that made her think, “Wow, that would make a great looking box.” Several prototypes later it does, and enroute she came up with a few other unique small gift boxes.

Little Ra’s

    This Toronto-based designer describes her company thus: “Little Ra’s is for the Little Ones who like to play in the dirt and look good doing it.” We agree!


      Darin will be presenting a noisemaker, much like the one he built (based on plans from

    ) of the Wacky Sound Generator, which he showed off at the Detroit Maker Faire. Nice and accessible, noisy and interactive!

Merchants of Green Coffee

    Brick Works Farmers’ Market mainstays the Merchants of Green Coffee will be there with bells on, ensuring that we’re all kept alert! They specialize in sourcing, importing and marketing of the highest quality certified green arabica coffees.

Michelle Axbey

    For a mere $2, this amazing woman/MMF Team Member will be running all-ages workshops: No-sew sewing… For everyone! Visitors will be making either a book bag or a scarf with t-shirts and without a needle and thread.

Mun Chau

    Photographer extraordinaire Mun Chau will be at the event capturing all the neat stuff that is going on throughout the weekend.


    Tosca Teran will be at the show running cool workshops based on the theme of ‘recycle-upcycle-reuse’.

Next Level Labs – Brendan Polley

    Visitors will be able to create virtual graffiti using Brendan’s Arduino Painter. Red, blue and green LEDs will be manipulated using a Wii nunchuk and arduino microcontroller. These values will then be sent to a simple flash painting program via bluetooth. Finally, by controlling an IR LED with the nunchuk, visitors will be able to “paint” with any colour they can imagine.

Normand Fullum Telescopes

    Normand makes beautiful one of a kind telescopes from wood, by hand. Visitors will be able to purchase a telescope from his collection.

The Ontario Science Centre Challenge Zone: Science in 60! Come and Make A Difference.

    Young and old, we’ve all got what it takes to be Makers – and Innovators! In our fun and fast-paced Challenge Zone, Hosts from the Ontario Science Centre will engage and delight you with activities ranging from a 60-second “quick hit” to a full-on “maker challenge” in which you’ll use everyday materials and work with others to create surprising solutions to real-world problems.

Poetic Designs

    Each piece of Yolanda’s jewellery is meticulously designed and handcrafted to tell a story with a touch of mystique and nostalgia. She fashions her wearables with vintage, old world-inspired and recycled objects like watch components, keys, print images, flowers and Victorian filigrees. Although her creations are vintage and Old World-inspired, they are designed to compliment current style and fashion trends.

Quacked Plush

    All QUACKED! products are designed and sewn by a one woman army, either by sewing machine, hand, or both. Come and check out what Sonya’s been working on lately!

Rogue Robotics

    Rogue Robotics will be there with several electronics projects, including a POV (Persistence of Vision) MP3 Alarm clock, Digital Light Table (aka Dance Table, “Daft Punk Table”), and maybe even an interactive audio game!

Russell Zeid

    Russell works mainly in metals and found or repurposed materials. He will be bringing bringing some of his kinetic sculptures, including kinetic tea infusing devises, one candle-powered optical devices, and some random machines made in the Steampunk style.

Sea Pebbles – Sarah Grondin

    Sarah will be selling homemade matted prints and greeting cards. She collects beach pebbles and arranges them into pictures of various life scenes and depict people in everyday situations. She then photographs the pebble scenes to create “Pebble Art Photography”, and sells the photos as matted prints and greetings cards.

Schema Factor – Leif Bloomquist

      Schema Factor is the brainchild of Leif Bloomquist, a prolific electronic composer and performer in Toronto, Canada. Leif was ‘classically trained’ in clarinet and percussion as a child, including several summers at the prestigious International Music Camp in North Dakota, USA. Computer-based sounds, samples, effects and
    music have been a lifelong interest, even since the days of his Commodore 64.

Shawn McGrath – ][ Games

    Constructed with scrap metal, bedsheets, recycled plywood and car parts found at a scrap yard, THE MACHINE rotates players around the tubes of the videogame Dyad as they play. The machine displays the colours with a rear-projected screen and features surround sound.All construction, design, electronics and programming was done by Shawn McGrath.

Shawnte Clow – Shawnte Designs

    Shawnte will be selling chain mail jewellery, and will be giving demos of how she creates her work.

Site 3

    Event co-organizer Site 3 is a hackerspace in Toronto: a member-run workshop for projects that fall somewhere in the intersection between art and technology. They will be showing off all kinds of projects, finished and underway!

Slashpile Designs

    Twin designers Tara and Courtney Neray will be selling their supercool molecule-based jewellery and brooches – the perfect meeting between science and art.

Squirrel Model Airplane

    Darcy will be at Mini Maker with Squirrel Model Planes (elastic band-powered airplanes that he designed himself) and some of the tools that are used to make them. Plus, he’ll have some of the printed paper planes that he’s designed, and will be showing will show the public how to make them for free.

Stencil Me Brightly

    Deirdre Wicks is a trained fashion designer and pattern drafter who is fascinated by the art of stenciling. A simple, well designed image can be stenciled onto just about anything (t-shirts, totes, pillows, fabric, wood, walls…) and make a HUGE visual impact. Come see what she has on offer.

Strich Labs

    Strich Labs will be showing off number of Arduino-compatible shields, as well as gear to demonstrate them (e.g. a few LCD monitors, as one of their shields is for VGA output).

STRONGHOLD Modular Shelving

      STRONGHOLD modular shelving provides a visual alternative to traditional shelving, combining strength with a visual lightness. Sand-cast gray iron shelf brackets work with gas pipe and a variety of shelving materials (such as wood, glass or metal) to create floor-to-ceiling shelves that fit any space. STRONGHOLD’s modular design allows scaling or sizing to fit the dimensions of any room. Clean and contemporary – without being cold – STRONGHOLD harmonizes with most styles of decor and is perfect for both living and working environments.

It’s funky. It’s functional. It’s personal. And it’s STRONGHOLD FURNITURE.

Pieter was on hand to explain the sand casting process, and answer any questions.

Studio Miutopia

    For some years Cindy Lau has been handmaking a unique style of pop-up greeting cards, and recently started up Studio Miutopia as the outlet for her products. She handles both the illustration and paper engineering aspects of the design, and she also makes them by hand, one by one!

Take a Picture

      Kyle and Brad will be on hand with Take a Picture, a series of invisible paintings that require a digital camera to see.


      They’ve posted the video of their lightning talk on Saturday May 7th




      Think|Haus is Hamilton’s shared work space / social space and collective all about hacking, crafting, DIY and doing awesome stuff. The history of Hamilton is intertwined in the “make it happen” ethos of the DIY mechanic, the basement engineer, the warranty violator, the patent ignorer.

Members of Think|Haus will be on hand at Toronto’s Mini Maker Faire to soak in all the maker goodness, and to show off some of their own projects. Come see their entry into the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge, a CNC egg decorating machine, some robots, an ornery do-nothing box, a magic mirror, and other great stuff. They’ll also have an operating ham radio station, where they’ll be talking and texting people around the world, using HF radio waves and amateur satellites. And if we’re really lucky, they may even make a radio contact with the International Space Station.

Treehouse Group

    Organizers Treehouse Group will be there with a button maker, some t-shirts and a lot of enthusiasm! The Treehouse Group is a collective of Toronto-area thinkers who promote the exchange of ideas by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. We facilitate and host social events, and run a lecture series, Treehouse Talks, which takes place on the first Friday of every month at the MaRS Discovery District.


      We’re so pleased that our friends at Upverter will be using this as an opportunity to soft-launch their collaborative, cloud based electronic design tools before the big

Bay Area Maker Faire



    Designer Adrianne Kulling designs and produces light switch plates, magnets, collages and match boxes, all with vintage images. Based on decoupage, most of her work involves cutting, gluing and varnishing – she’ll be bringing magazine images to cut and glue onto switch plates and/or magnets and cards, so you can see her process up close!

wink studios

    Nnolika of wink studios will be bringing her shadow box designs, along with some shadow boxes she’s custom made for (very lucky!) friends and family, so you can see her creativity right up close & decide which style you’d like for your own home. She will have some shadow boxes for sale, and some just for show. You’ll also get to choose items to make your own mini shadow boxes.

Worn Fashion Journal

    The ladies at Worn Fashion Journal will be there with copies of the publication, one inch pins, teeshirts, & giftpacks.

    The team will be there with a booth where people can check into the event on their smart phones, and sign up for the Weekly Yelp.

The Humble Bumble – Zoe Quinn

    Zoe will be selling her cute, geeky, and nerdy jewelry and accessories.