MMF 2011 Links

Curious about what people have said about the 2011 event?

  • Endorsement Letter (PDF) from Ward 29 City Councillor Mary Fragedakis.
  • Ryan Varga has made a beautiful (there is no other word) short film that documents the event. It’s so good, in fact, that it was linked to on BoingBoing! We’re totally thrilled to have made it on to the site again.
  • Sponsor/participant Aesthetec Studio have written a bit of a report on the great time they had showing visitors how their exhibits (which are destined for the Calgary Science Centre) worked – we’re so glad it went so well for them!
  • Volunteer/participant/all-around amazing lady Michelle Axbey reflects on her experience of the Faire.
  • Participants think|haus say it simply & Straight from the Heart in their blog post, “MiniMakerFaireToronto == Awesome”.
  • Participants kwartzlab makerspace loved their time at the Faire… and say it with a blog post.
  • We get a “WOWZA!” out of 5 on Dan Gaede’s blog, 365 New Things.
  • Blogger/participant Lindsay Munro has some great photos and a lot of nice things to say about us on her blog, Just My Type – we agree with her feedback of what we can do better for next year, too!
  • One of our (great) volunteers gives a bit of insight into what was happening at the event on the blog Amiable Moray.
  • Participant Carl Peny says a few words about his experience at the Faire on his blog, arcnet01.
  • Visitor/Blogger Phillip Smith made a video about his trip to the Faire!
  • Torontoist had an eye-opening time checking out the show.