Jen Dodd | Faire Director

Jen 200pxJen Dodd leads the Maker Faire initiative in Toronto and brings a vast amount of expertise to the festival. Jen has worked in science outreach and education, event design and theoretical physics. She believes in working on Things That Matter: projects that will make it better to be alive in 100 years than it is today.

Her previous roles have included designing the program for the massive Quantum to Cosmos Festival while at Perimeter Institute, and bringing scientists and artists together in her role as managing director of Subtle Technologies. She has been inventing new kinds of events for 15 years, including SciBarCamp and the recent Festival of Ideas.

You can contact Jen by email via Jen [at] or on her cell: +1 (416) 997 9048Spacer

Eric Boyd | FAIRE Director

Eric 200pxEric Boyd is the founder of Sensebridge, an electronic jewelry company. Born and raised in Ontario Canada, on a small chicken farm, Eric went to Queens University for engineering, graduating in 2003, but not before co-founding After graduating, he lived and worked in Silicon Valley at a high tech startup, designing and installing industrial sensors. Eric is currently based in Toronto Canada, where he is President of, a technology community space and Dean of the Awesome Foundation. At Sensebridge, Eric works on a variety of devices which are intended to augment the user, turning them into a cyborg. These devices include North Paw, a compass anklet that gives users a sense of direction, and Heart Spark, a heart-beat flashing pendant which broadcasts the wearers emotions. A man of diverse interests, his other hobbies include Quantified Self and Guerrilla Gardening.

You can contact Eric by email via Eric [at]

Leila Boujnane | fundraising director

LeilaLeila Boujnane is the co-founder and CEO of TinEye, a firm focused on large scale image search. Leila leads the team that built and released the world’s first reverse image search engine (TinEye) and launched one of the first cloud based image recognition APIs suite. She is a startup founder with a decade of software development and technology experience. She is a supporter of Canada’s startup community and a search innovation leader who received the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance award for innovation and leadership.

Leila has been featured in various publications including Canadian Business, the Globe and Mail, the Financial Post, Fast Company, The New York Times, CBC, The Guardian for her work in image search. When not working she tries to make the world suck a little less by fundraising for the Toronto Food Bank with the incredible HoHoTO team and organizing (always sold out) hardware and software hackathons across North America.
Leila is a novice ultra runner and surfer, a terrible photographer, a bourbon fanatic and a cheese junky . She blogs at Hyperbio and you can follow her on Twitter at @leilaboujnane.

You can contact Leila by email via Leila [at] or call her directly at 416.624.7540 (specially if you are interested in supporting the Toronto Maker Faire!)

Lindsay Munro | Co-Organizer, Fundraising and Marketing

LindsayLindsay has an undying interest in emerging technologies and a talkative nature which fuels her passion for social networking platforms. Always willing to try out a platform once, Lindsay spends a lot of time researching and experimenting with the next big thing online.

At work, Lindsay is a digital communications strategist for Kanetix, a web-based company that provides comparative insurance, credit card and mortgage rates. From social strategy to media relations, her job is to build relationships and inform consumers online and off. Prior to Kanetix, Lindsay was the manager of conversation for international design and technology events company, FITC.

Lindsay is also the former co-host of 49Pixels Live, a weekly podcast which covered topics surrounding emerging social technologies, digital marketing and entrepreneurship, alongside Justin Kozuch.

You can follow Lindsay at @lindsaymunro
She also blogs at spacer

Jonathan Moneta | Partnerships Director

JonathanJonathan is a co-founder of MAKELAB, a drop-in 3D printing studio and design agency with ten 3D printers, 3D scanners, and design tools for anyone to use.

Jonathan is also a producer of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge Toronto, part of a global hackathon aimed at making the terabytes of daily data collected from NASA’s spacecraft fascinating, relevant and empowering. Developers, makers, engineers and entrepreneurs attack 25 NASA designed challenges, coming up with solutions silly to serious, fantastical to feasible.

When not doing either of the above, Jonathan plans space and science events at The Landing Party.

You can call Jonathan directly at 647.838.7004, or email him jonathan [at]


elena yunusovElena loves good conversations, new ideas, digital communications, and coffee. Elena co-organized fundraising events, like HoHoTO, a tech geek party that Twitter built, raising $285,000 for the Daily Bread, and HaiHaiTO, a fundraiser for Haiti benefiting Red Cross. Elena’s passion for digital communications and fundraising led to numerous speaking gigs at MyCharityConnects, PodCamp, Innoversity’s Roadmap 2030, TechSoup Canada’s Net Tuesday, ShesConnected Conference, and others. Elena lives at the intersection of Daft Punk and Space Oddity, loves robots, and believes in paying forward. You can also find her writing for Communicable and leading digital communications for the Ombudsman of Ontario.

Follow Elena on Twitter @communicable

Celina Agaton | Co-Organizer, Cross-Sector Partnerships and Accessibility Director

CelinaCelina Agaton creates programs, technology tools and events that enhance cross sector civic and community engagement. She loves creating vibrant, accessible and sustainable creative spaces that connect people to the things they care about in their communities.

Her projects take her around the world, working with CEOs, teachers, government leaders, doctors, artists and students. She consults as the community engagement director and strategist for Don Tapscott’s initiatives including Open Cities and Global Solution Networks, and was a contributor to bestseller, Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet.

With her own consultancy, she’s worked with the University of Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario, Me to We Style and Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone’s mayoral campaign. She was the communications director for Volunteer Toronto, where she led the creation of cross sector engagement, funding, social media and benefits programs for Ontario non-profit organizations. She is the founder of Films That Move, board member of Food Forward, advisor to the AGO’s Education Committee, global advisor to Netsquared, and a volunteer crisis mapper. Celina grew up in Jakarta, Manila and Toronto.

Follow her on Twitter at @celinaagaton or email her at celina [at]


Matthew Potter picMatthew Potter is a seasoned designer / developer & instructor. Specializing in graphic communication & complimented by extensive knowledge in design workflows and production processes. Toronto InDesign User Group chapter representative, organizer of HTML Toronto, public speaker, FITC ambassador as well as key a component of several community driven groups including the Toronto Social Media Café, and


Candace has recently moved from Sydney, Australia to Ottawa with her young family. She is passionate about animal rescue and animal rights. Candace has been working in marketing and event management for the past 5 years and enjoys being involved in non-profit events with a variety of participants.

Kat Goodale: Site Coordinator

Kat Goodale is a former educator and an IT specialist from Toronto who spent 12 years in the classroom. A self-taught geek, she is currently exploring sewable programmable electronics that merge old craft with new technologies, and is learning more about brewing beer and programming. When not cozied up with a book, you’ll find Kat astride a motorcycle and aimed at the nearest open road in search of new stories to write, new pictures to take, and a new path to her next adventure.





Chris Olah | “Ninja” | Technical Consultant

Chris Olah is a member and director of, passionate about Mathematics and 3D printing. He’s been involved in a number of open source projects around 3D printing (including designing a RepRap variant) and has spoken at a number of conferences. You can see Chris’ programming projects on github, including ImplicitCAD (his main project, a programmatic CAD tool), and a few neat proof of concept Haskell projects.

You can also find his writing at his personal blog (see best posts), the RepRap blog, his notes on Byron Sonne’s trial, and his github essays repository — he’s also published a paper, Producing Lenses With 3D Printers, in the Open Hardware Journal.

Past team members

Rachel Lane

Landing in Canada in 2011, Rachel continues her adventures in Digital: strategising, wireframing, designing to our best side.


Sarah Prevette is a curious tinkerer/inventor and avid believer in experiential learning for both kids and adults.


Jennifer Turliuk is a marketer, maker, entrepreneur, career coach, writer, DJ, kiteboarder and salsa dancer, whose Hurricane Sandy  SMS-based disaster relief project was featured in the New York Times, Fast Company and CBS.

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